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REGULATIONS of the young pіanіsts–іmprovіsers
competition named by Dimitri Tiomkin

Competition for young pіanіsts–іmprovіsers, named by Dimitri Tiomkin, is held as a part of the International jazz festival «ENERGY» named by Dimitri Tiomkіn. It is the Kremenchug munіcipal project.

Competition is organised under the aegis of School of jazz and variety art (Kiev) and personally its director Peter Poltarev.

Dates of competition: May 16-18 2012

Venue: Small Hall of the City Palace of Culture, Kremenchug, Poltava region, Ukraine

Place of registration: 2nd floor foyer of the City Palace of Culture, Kremenchug, Poltava region, Ukraine

Goals and tasks of the competition:

- Popularization of music of a talented film composer, pianist, born in Kremenchug Dimitri Tiomkin;

- Detection and support of talented young pianists-performers;

- Promoting improvised and jazz music.

Founders and organizers:

- Department of Culture of Kremenchug town council;

- Public organization "Agency of Kremenchug Territories Development";

- Jazz-Band «Apple Jam».


Jury Chairman - Vladimir Solyanik - pianist-improviser, a professor of R.Glier Kiev Institute of Music, emeritus art-director of the annual International Festival Jazz-Koktebel.

Members of the jury:

1. Peter V. Poltarev - musicologist, jazz critic, director of the only school of jazz and variety art in Ukraine, chairman of the council of experts in jazz music at the Ministry of Culture, jazz observer of the Ukrainian and foreign mass media, bearer of the order of St. Archistratigus Michael and Grand Duke Vladimir.

2. Vladimir P. Smolyakov - composer, honored worker of culture, the director of the Kremenchug musical school № 3 named by M.M. Kalachevsky, artistic director and conductor of the Song and Dance Ensemble «Slavutych», chief conductor of the Kremenchug Municipal Brass Band.

3. Olga Y. Gorbach - pianist-improviser, a senior lecturer in piano of the highest category, head of the piano department of School of Art № 5 (Kiev), director and producer of the popular Ukrainian jazz-band «JT-Fresh».

1. Conditions and procedure of the competition

Pianists, who have reached the age of 16 by 16.05.2012 and are not older than 30, can take place in competittion.

Competition contains three rounds.

I round – qualifying, absentee, candidates send their video and audio.

Recording in the standard audio or DVD should be sent to the email address of the Organizing Committee followed with the documents. It can be an amateur recording, but its quality should be good and it should be without editing. Organizing Committee no later than May 11, 2012 will send an official invitation for acceptance of candidates to contest participants after the audition.

II qualifying and III final rounds of the competition - a public performance in the Small Hall of the Palace of Culture, Kremenchug.

The order of performance established by the lots on the day of the round II and is kept till the end of the contest. After the announcement of the results of II round to all the participants that took place in III round will be distributed music materials of the contest task for the III round (theme for improvisation).

The final distribution of places and prizes of the members of the III round will be held at the final session of the jury.

2. Prizes and awards

The Organizing Committee of the Competition for young pianists-improvisers named by Dimitri Tiomkin announces the following prizes:

I Prize of UAH 4000 and the laureate diploma.

II Prize of UAH 2500 and the laureate diploma.

III Prize of UAH 1500 and the laureate diploma.

Two members of III round (final), who didn’t get laureate diploma, are awarded a Diploma, diplomant title and cash prize of UAH 500 each. All prizes are paid in UAH withholding taxes applicable in the territory of Ukraine.

Winners of III round of the competition (the first, second and third prize) take part in the gala concert of the International Jazz Festival named by Dimitri Tiomkin, which will be held at May 18, 2012 in the Bigt Hall of the City Palace of Culture, Kremenchug, Ukraine.

The jury's decision is final and is not a subject to revision.

The jury has the right to:

- break off the performer in case of exceeding a certain time limit conditions of competition; - not to award all prizes;

- share the prizes between the performers (except the first)

- to award a special prize of UAH 300 for a impressive performance of Dimitri Tiomkin composition in the II round the contestant who did not pass to the final.

Jurors do not have the right to have their students among the participants and they make a signed statement about this before the competition.

The organizing committee after the audition is able to inform the participant that he/she is eliminated from further participation in the contest.

3. Financial conditions

A required condition for participation in the competition is an entry fee, which is UAH 100 from each participant. Fee is paid on the account of the public organization "Agency of Kremenchug Territories Development" after receiving the invitation to participate in the contest.

Contestants arrive for the competition according to the terms specified in the invitation by the Organizing Committee.

Trip of the participant to Kremenchug and back, as well as trip and stay at the competition of the accompanying persons shall at his own expense.

The Organizing Committee provides participants with stay at the competition:

- Habitation in a hotel or hostel;

- Two meals a day.

These costs are provided only for the period of participation in the competition since the arrival in Kremenchug, but not before the deadline, and no more than a day after the end of the round, which was attended by the candidate.

The participants, who arrived for the competition and refused to perform, as well as members who have not passed the third round, can stay until the end of the competition at their own expense.

The organizing committee, in the case of advance address to it, may help persons who accompany the participants in the reservations and tickets to attend the competition.

State and public organizations, creative unions, media, agencies and other organizations in consultation with the Organizing Committee may establish special prizes.

The application, signed by person willing to participate in the contest, is an evidence that a future participant fully accepts the terms of the competition.

4. Special Conditions

The Organizing Committee provides participants of the contest with the rehearsal classes every day and one rehearsal before each round on the stage, where the competition will be held.

For the winners of III round of the competition participance in a free gala concert of the International Jazz Festival Dimitri Tiomkin is required.

The organizing committee is able to broadcast the auditions of the second and third rounds, performances at the gala concert, audio and video recordings of competition performances, and to use the recorded material without the permission of the participants.

5. Application procedure

Audio and video recordings, as well as documents for the competition, must be sent before April 30, 2012 to the e-mail address: orgfest@i.ua

List of documents as follows:

1) The application for participation in the contest for the full program of the rounds (application form);

2) a copy of the passport;

3) a copy of the music education (optional)

4) Photo format jpeg, pdf, gif.

After receiving the application for participation in the competition, records and documents listed, the Organizing Committee send to the e-mail address specified in the application, notes of the three compositions of Dimitri Tiomkin for the second round of the competition (the participant must choose one of three compositions for his improvisations).

Entry fee of UAH 100 is paid according to account.

The account and the invitation of the Organizing Committee is sent to the specified e-mail address in the application. In the receipt the name and the surname of the participant should be specified.

After registration and lots, changes in the competitive program of the participant could be permitted only in exceptional cases, with the consent of the jury.

In the case of non-participation in the competition, documents, video, audio and application fee are not refundable.

For more information call: (067) 532-61-06, (050) 308-43-77

E-mail: orgfest@i.ua or nata.SHA @ i.ua

A site with information about the competition and festival: www. applejam.com.ua

Schedule of Competition for Young Pianists - improvisers named by Dimitri Tiomkin (Ukraine, Kremenchug, May 16-18, 2012)

May 16, 2012 (Wednesday)

9.00 - 13.00 - Arrival of participants, registration, rehearsal, press conference.

14.30 – Carrying out of lots.

15.00 – Grand opening ceremony of the competition. Carrying out of the II round.

16.30 - Break.

17.00 - Continuation of the II round.

19.00 - Meeting of the jury. Announcement of the results of the II round.

May 17, 2012 (Thursday)

9.00 - 17.00 - rehearsal.

17.30 - Carrying out of the III round

19.00 - Break.

19.30 - Continuation of the III round.

20.30 - Meeting of the jury. Announcement of the results of the III round.

May 18, 2012 (Friday)

18.00 - performance of the contest winners (first, second and third prize) at the gala concert of the International Jazz Festival named by Dimitri Tiomkin.

22.00 - performance of the contest winners on the jam session of the International Jazz Festival named by Dimitri Tiomkin with all the participants of the gala concert.

Program of the competition for young pianists-improvisers named by Dimitri Tiomkin (Ukraine, Kremenchug, May 16-18, 2012)

Round I
(absentee, candidates send their video and audio)

1. Improvisational composition according to the choice of performer (jazz standard, classic, contemporary music, author compositions, etc.). (Total time - 10 minutes)

Round II

1. Improvisation of one of the compositions of Dimitri Tiomkin, proposed by the Organizing Committee.

2. Improvisational composition according to the choice of performer (jazz standard, classic, modern music, author compositions, etc.)

(The total duration of performance - 10 minutes)

Round III

1. Competition theme (is issued to the executive after the results of II round of competition).

2. Improvisation of the composition of Dimitri Tiomkin for the free choice of the performer, or other improvised composition of the performer's choice (the repetition of the II tour composition is permitted).

(The total duration of presentation - 15 minutes)